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Barren Island
Barren Island

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Shaunak Chakraborty organised Cyber Security Session at Rajendra Siksha Sadan Girls High School on 05 March
Shaunak Chakraborty orchestrated a comprehensive Cyber Security Session at Rajendra Siksha Sadan Girls High School on 5th March. The event aimed to educate students about vital aspects of online safety and security. Through interactive discussions, practical demonstrations, and engaging activities, participants gained insights into the importance of safeguarding personal information, recognizing cyber threats, and adopting best practices for digital hygiene. Shaunak Chakraborty, renowned for his expertise in cybersecurity, led the session with enthusiasm, inspiring students to become proactive in protecting themselves and their peers from online vulnerabilities. The event received commendation for its relevance and impact on enhancing digital literacy among young individuals.

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